Bulk Handling Technology and Testing Center

The Bulk-Handling Technology and Testing Center specializes in developing solutions for those hard-to-flow commodities that are difficult to discharge in bulk form from a shipping container. The Technology and Testing Center is available to shippers who seek proven solutions to their logistics challenges in containerizing their bulk commodities and services.


Non-hazardous materials of varying bulk density, particle size, and angle of repose can be loaded in container liners. BULK FLOW recommends testing material to determine its suitability, performance parameters, liner design specifications, and operating parameters.

Vendor Managed Inventory VMI

BULK FLOW offers a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service to ensure customers never have to halt their supply chain for lack of bags or FIBCs. BULK FLOW’s inventory usage system allows customers to know when products must be re-ordered.

Bulk Handling Equipment

In addition to being a container liner bag or FIBC supplier, BULK FLOW can also assess the equipment required to load and unload containers, no matter the means of transportation or the type of product. BULK FLOW knows the most appropriate technologies to facilitate the transportation process.

Bulk Handling Training

BULK FLOW technicians are present during the container loading and unloading procedures and train on-site staff to guarantee a greater load capacity and ensure products arrive at their destination intact.

New Application Development

BULK FLOW is known for developing innovative products that have revolutionized the liner market and optimized transportation processes for different materials. BULK FLOW owns several patented products and has a Development Center where the latest applied technologies for container transportation are tested.

Liner Selection Criteria

BULK FLOW knows firsthand that not all products are equal and therefore not all products can be transported the same way. Depending on client needs, BULK FLOW can design an appropriate liner.
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