Discover your bottleneck

We’ll simplify your most complex bulk handling problems and make your business workflow easy to follow. Your employees and customers will thank you.



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We make subtle but high-impact improvements that help remove bottlenecks from your bulk handling processes.


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Our technical support team creates tailor-made container liners to transport bulk solids that ensure your hard-to-flow products are packaged quickly and cost-efficiently for shipping.

Result Driven

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An optimized silo-to-silo logistics system that turns loading and unloading bulk handling operations into a safe and easy process.

How does it work?

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Step 1

We’ll talk about which part(s) of your bulk handling process you struggle the most with.

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Step 2

We collect all the necessary information from you through the initial consultative process.

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Step 3

We test a sample of your hard-to-flow product in our technical lab.

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Step 4

We work with you and your team to refine and implement bulk handling solutions that work.

Silo-to-silo logistics system

Producer's Bulk Handling protocols

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We discuss things that are holding your business back from developing bulk handling processes and help you set up cost-efficient protocols.

End-user Bulk Handling protocols

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The cycle is not complete until we evaluate your customer (end-user) bulk handling system and advise on proper equipment setup.

Types of bulk solids, difficulties, and solutions

  • Low-density products that must be loaded in 40′, 45′ 53′ containers to optimize payload.
  • Hard-to-flow high-density products that must be loaded in 20ft containers.
  • Exporting to countries or locations with little-to-no availability of tilting chassis for unloading standard bulk-lined containers.
  • Simplify bulk-flow.
  • Much more…

Let's Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this
right for me ?

We understand that technical assessment might not be the right fit for every company. We’d love to discuss and review your bulk handling needs before we test your product sample in our Tech Lab.

Can we switch from FIBC to loading directly from silo to lined containers?

Most likely this can be accomplished, but first we will need to understand your current equipment setup.

Does the end receiver need to have special equipment to unload?

Yes. We will contact your end-user to advise and provide all the technical and equipment requirements to make sure they are set up for the shift to a silo-to-silo delivery system.

I want an in-depth technical evaluation of my bulk handling protocols

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